University study: Czechs waste 10 percent of the food they buy

On average, every Czech throws away roughly 70 kilograms of food a year. In an effort to get them to stop, economists have now calculated just how much money they are throwing away.

Food banks are close to empty and surveys suggest that many families are having trouble making ends meet, yet the problem of food squandering has not gone away. Vaclav Pitucha head of one of the country’s food banks says food waste remains a widespread problem.

“Food is still being wasted at all levels, from food producers to retailers and chains, distributors and restaurants. But it is households that account for the largest share of food waste. Naturally, this has far-reaching impacts. It is an economic problem, an environmental problem and a social problem as well.”

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Iva Hadj Moussa