Valentine’s Day in the Czech Republic

A quiet evening together, a walk in nature or the clouds, a visit to the blossoming castle greenhouses, the zoo, relaxation in the spa, or a candlelit dinner? Celebration of St. Valentine’s Day can take dozens of forms.

The Czech and Moravian regions offer a whole range of possibilities. An overview of the most original experiences was prepared by the Kudy z nudy portal. Including tips for interesting accommodations and trips.

Travel and Valentine’s Day have one thing in common – both are matters of the heart. Everyone who likes to travel can enjoy Valentine’s romance to their heart’s content.

“For all those who want to thoroughly enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day, within the Kudy z nudy portal, Czech Tourism has prepared not only tips for well-known destinations, where many travelers go every year on Valentine’s Day but also tips from all over the world for undiscovered places, designer accommodation, relaxation and romance,” says František Reismüller, director of the Czech Tourism Office – CzechTourism, adding: “The Czech Republic offers an abundance of possibilities in this respect. We have beautiful nature, rich culture, and world-famous spas. After all, the new communication concept of the Czech Tourism Office’s 2024 and 2025 Unexpected Wellbeing campaigns will also refer to this fact.

For lovers of urban romance

Traditionally, the capital city is the favorite destination of all lovers. Prague offers a whole range of options, including a romantic walk across the Charles Bridge, which is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic and the oldest surviving bridge over the Vltava River. A picturesque corner with winding streets and small residential houses away from the main tourist industry will offer lovers the New World, where the famous Danish astronomer and mathematician Tycho Brahe, the famous architect Jan Blažej or the painter Jan Zrzavý lived in the past. History lovers will find a tangle of winding medieval streets, picturesque gables of burgher houses and romantic corners in Český Krumlov. Do you want to confess your love to your significant other closer to the clouds? If you are among the lovers of heights, then choose the above-ground panoramic Wallaška Trail with a glass viewing platform and a 150-meter-long suspended “Himalayan” walkway. You can also find a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain massifs on the trail in the clouds in Lower Moravia. At the same time, there is not just one path leading up, but a network of wooden paths that intertwine with each other. If your destination is South Moravia, then try the unique barrier-free lookout tower in Kobylí in Břeclavsk. From it you can see Pálava and, in good weather, the Austrian Alps. You can also enjoy the Valentine’s Day celebration during a romantic dinner at the Žižkov Tower.

Spa romance for two

Spa procedures and relaxation are among the most popular activities for two. And the Czech Republic has a lot to offer in this regard. Whether you head to Mariánské Lázně, Karlovy Vary, the mountain spa in Karlov Studánek or perhaps Konstantinovy Lázně in Pilsen.

For mystery lovers

You can draw positive energy for a long-term relationship between the walls and columns of the mysterious temple in Panenské Týnec. Václav Levy’s monumental Devil’s Head sculpture will appeal to you near Liběchov near the village of Želízy. And if you like mysterious places of pilgrimage, then you can head to the Praying mine near Svojkovo.

Castle romance

In addition to the vast park, the Lednice-Valtice area offers tourists access to several monuments left here by the famous Lichtenstein family. In addition to the castles in Lednice and Valtice, you will find several small buildings in the park landscape. The area is the largest conceptual landscape in the world, which is included in the list of UNESCO monuments. Romantic moments will also be offered by the Zbiroh castle, the castle in Rájc, where camellia lovers will enjoy themselves, or the Valdštejnů castle in Litvínov during a costumed tour called Cupid’s Chambers.

Together in nature

Those who prefer spending time together in nature can head, for example, to the Mumlav waterfall in the Giant Mountains, to the Czech Switzerland National Park, which is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, to admire one of the most beautiful views of the Vltava from the Máj Lookout, to reminisce at Panská skály the Proud Princess fairy tale or confess your love to your significant other in the Valley of Love in the Karlov Nature Reserve.

Unusual Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can also be spent unconventionally, for example among animals. Ostrava Zoo or Prague Zoo offers special programs for lovers. During guided tours, visitors will learn which animals live in permanent pairs, what their courtship looks like, and who takes care of their offspring.

You don’t need to wait for next year’s Valentine’s Day to enjoy all those romantic offers. The Czech Republic is waiting for you al year around.