Vincenz Priessnitz: the founder of modern hydrotherapy

Photo: Miroslav Kobza, Czech Radio

Vincenz Priessnitz, the founder of modern hydrotherapy, was born in the Olomouc Region. He founded a spa near the town of Jeseník that successfully applies his curative methods to this day.

Vincenz Priessnitz was the son of a local crofter and an unusually talented young man with great intuition, observation skills, and common sense. From his first attempts at healing animals and himself, he was able to move on to treating the injuries of other people and eventually established a world-renowned hydrotherapy spa.

At the age of sixteen, Vincenz was seriously injured when a load of wood fell from a horse-drawn carriage and crushed his chest, breaking several ribs. The doctors of the time offered little help with what was then considered a severely debilitating injury. Their treatment, a combination of leeches, hot compresses and rest, produced no results and so Vincenz started treating himself. The chief archivist of Jeseník, Květoslav Krovka explains.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Vít Pohanka, Source:Český rozhlas