“We believe that everyone has potential”: META on supporting students inside the classroom

Photo: Amelia Mola-Schmidt, Radio Prague International

As the population of foreigners in Czechia continues to grow, students whose native language is not Czech struggle to succeed in the education system, and are more prone to slipping through the cracks. META is an NGO based in Prague that focuses on supporting students whose mother language is different. I visited their classroom to learn more about the work they are doing.

Homogeneity is a word often associated with Czech society, but the landscape and population make-up of Czechia has been changing significantly. At the end of last year, statistics showed that foreigners accounted for 1.2 million people making up the country’s population. So how do those who are not originally from Czechia, or were born in the country but speak a different mother language, fare in the education system here?

To put it briefly, it’s difficult for many. But one NGO based here in Prague has been responding to the needs of students who are struggling within the Czech education system. META, based out of Prague’s Žižkov neighbourhood, is a non-profit organization that works to support students who don’t speak Czech as their first language, and guides pedagogues in the way they teach these students. Kristýna Titěrová – Director of Programs and Services at META, told me more about their mission.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt