“We live in a period of chronic stress”: Psychologist weighs in on rising stress levels

The importance of dealing with and seeking out assistance for mental health has become more common over recent years, but regardless of the decrease in societal taboos, young people in Czechia – specifically Gen Z and Millennials, are dealing with high levels of stress in their everyday lives. I spoke with Tom Mertin, a psychologist based in Prague, about what he has observed in his practice.

A recent report from Czech Radio (iRozhlas) came out that indicates 32% of gen z and 31% of millennials in Czechia are feeling stress on a daily basis. From the work you do in your practice, are you surprised when you hear these numbers?

“Not at all, and I think part of the reason for these numbers is that more people are aware of their mental health, and more people actually would consider indicating that they have struggles when it comes to their mental health.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt