When environmental conscientiousness meets beer: Radegast becomes first brewery in Central Europe to make beer out of air

Photo: Pilsner Urquell

Radegast has designed and created their first environmentally friendly lager, a limited edition brew called “Futur”.

Radegast brewery has developed a new beer that is made using EWA technology, which can extract water out of extremely dry and hot environments – bringing attention to the water insecurity issues being faced worldwide. The technology can extract 35 litres of water a day, even from the driest climates in the world.

The beer, a bitter lager titled “Futur”, is about twice as bitter as a standard Czech lager. It’s also limited edition, being produced in small batches, so it will only be available to sample at Radegast Days, happening on August 26th in Nošovice, or you can enter in the company’s social media competition to win some bottles of the environmental brew.

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