Working towards doing things together: New Czech ambassador to Canada outlines his goals

Photo: Filip Jandourek, Czech Radio

Martin Tlapa will begin his new posting as Czech ambassador to Canada in Ottawa on September 25th. The agenda items he wishes to tackle during his posting range from boosting tourism and student movement between the two nations, driving further business development amongst Czech and Canadian firms, and working closely to build strong connections with the Czech community across Canada. We caught up with him about these agenda items when he was back in Prague this past August.

“I am very happy to be posted to Canada, I love the country and my task will be to bring more attention to the relations between Czechs and Canadians. We have lots of things in common, and we share similar values regarding the future of the world and happiness of the people. So my task will be to build strong and bold messages with action to our relations.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt