Richard, who resides in the Méfou Center, i.e. in the old gorilla pavilion in the lower part of the zoo, is undoubtedly one of the most famous residents of the Prague Zoo. His mark in the history of local breeding is indelible, especially thanks to the paternity of all the cubs born so far. Photo by Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

On Saturday, September 23, the Prague Zoo will celebrate World Gorilla Day together with the 60th anniversary of the breeding of these largest primates in the world.

Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary program in both pavilions – in the Dja Reserve, which was opened last year and is inhabited by a family group, and also in the Méfou Center, where the famous Richard lives with his sons.

Every hour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., a special commented meeting will take place at both locations. In addition, the keepers prepared a surprise for all the gorillas at 3 p.m.

Ten-year-old Duni – the daughter of the famous Moja – is currently pregnant. If all goes well, she will give birth to her first offspring at the end of this year. She too will receive a surprise from the breeders this Saturday at 3 p.m. Photo by Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Program in the Dja Reservation

• The recycling of mobile phones makes sense and you can also help: the joint site of Remobil and the Prague Zoo will present the raw materials obtained from them.

• Forest rangers: Why are they important and what does their job consist of? You will find out all this at the tent of these eco guards in front of the pavilion!

• Meeting in Somalomo: Learn about the project to protect (not only) gorillas in Cameroon in an African school classroom inside the pavilion. Program at the Méfou Centre

• Titan was the first, or Get to know the gorilla personalities throughout the breeding history: Can you recognize the faces of the gorillas from the photos and determine which picture shows, for example, Ajabu, Moja, Kamba or Richard?

• Intelligence of gorillas: Gorillas are among the most intelligent animals and their inquisitiveness needs to be constantly developed in farms and care must be taken to ensure that they do not get bored. Breeders use various puzzles for this. Can you handle the puzzle as well as the gorilla, or maybe even better?