CzechTourism presents revival plan for hard-hit tourist industry

Tourism has been one of the hardest-hit industries by the coronavirus crisis. In the Czech Republic, which is a popular tourist destination, the tourist sector employs a quarter of a million people and brings significant revenues to state coffers. In a video-conference on Tuesday the government agency CzechTourism presented its long-term strategy for reviving this all-important sector.

Tourism revenues in the Czech Republic last year amounted to 300 billion crowns, making up 3 percent of the GDP. This year, as a result of the pandemic, the industry is struggling to survive. The head of CzechTourism Jan Herget says the damage is overwhelming.

“The impact of the pandemic has been brutal. Revenues this year will drop by 53 percent to 139 billion crowns, in Prague revenues are down by 80 percent, putting 200,000 jobs on the line, not just in the tourist industry itself, but in related professions such as bakeries or cleaners.”

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Author: Daniela Lazarová