Metabolism: The Superhero That Needs Your Help

Superheroes wouldn’t be much without their sidekicks. When the going gets tough and they can’t defeat evil all by themselves, they count on their trusty sidekicks to help them save the day. In this story, the superhero is your metabolism and the sidekick is you. Without your help, it can’t take care of your body or keep you healthy and fit. No matter how busy you are, you simply need to make time for your second and most important job: taking care of yourself.

1. Rest up for the bad guys

What crime-fighting team wins at the end of the day if they’ve only got forty winks of sleep last night? Resting up so you can defeat the bad guys is absolutely necessary. Though you wouldn’t think that your metabolism is what’s affected by a lack of sleep, it actually suffers greatly. This is because sleep deprivation leads to an increase in the production of cortisol. For those who don’t know, this hormone is responsible for creating stress.

You don’t need to be a doctor to know how bad stress can affect your gut. From constipation to causing a nervous tummy, bloating, loss or increase of appetite, stress can damage your gut in many ways. As well as all that, it can also cause inflammation which just further complicates your tummy health. Eight hours are the optimal amount of sleep for many people but don’t be afraid to get more if your body needs it. If you don’t manage to get enough sleep over the night, you should definitely make time for a nap the following day.

2. Watch your diet

Heroes need to have strict diets if they’re going to defeat evil. It’s the food you put inside you that determines how healthy your gut is and how well your metabolism is doing. That being said, you need to avoid inflammatory foods. Though not all people are or need to be vegetarian or vegan, it’s still important to limit the dairy and meat you put into your body. These products might be delicious, but they make it really hard for your tummy to digest.

Saturated fats, sugar, and starch are all linked to an inflammatory response of your bowels. This can lead to improper nutrient absorption, and in some cases, it’s even the cause of more serious illnesses. Among them are Crohn’s disease and inflamed bowel syndrome. Ideally, your diet should include between 20 and 25 percent of meat, while the rest should all be plant-based products. Don’t forget to take in high-fibre foods, too. They’re excellent for aiding digestion and will help your metabolism a lot.

3. Use the secret weapon

No superhero team is going to win the big battle without having a secret weapon. In this case, we’re talking about natural gut health supplements. As a busy individual, you can and should do your best to eat healthily, but sometimes that simply won’t be possible. To help your metabolism and stay on the right track, you can take the supplements and keep things running smoothly.

With natural supplements, you won’t have to worry about anything out of the ordinary happening. You’ll feel less full, be more energetic, and most importantly, your metabolism will be working the way it’s supposed to. Supported digestion is something each and every one of us should take into consideration due to the lifestyle we all share. Aside from junk food hindering your health, stress and worry can also make it harder for you to digest or give you strong stomach aches.

4. Be physically ready

Have you ever seen a superhero that wasn’t fit? It’s your job to get in shape so that your metabolism can reap the benefits. Exercise is great for many things, and improved digestion is one of them. Aside from prompting the production of happy hormones, regular exercise also gets your blood pumping, thus bettering your blood flow and giving your body what it needs. Your tummy functions better and has no problem digesting food, while also helping with cramps and bloating.

Your wellness journey may not be easy in the beginning, but it will be worth it. The most important thing you need is determination and motivation. You can start slow with just a few easy sessions per week and then build up your routine. Remember that sticking to it is much more important than giving your all at the very start and tiring yourself out. After all, slow and steady wins the race. Try starting with Yoga or Pilates, as these activities can relax you better than anything else. They also help you stretch and are very pleasant for your tummy.

5. Avoid kryptonite

You can’t expect to achieve success when your biggest weakness holds you back. Though that’s kryptonite for Superman, it just might be antibiotics for you. The thing with antibiotics is that they help us, but they’re also very strong and can destroy our stomach if we use them too much. Today, we tend to just pop an antibiotic whenever we feel bad but this shouldn’t be your first solution. Antibiotics can complicate your digestive system a lot, which is why you should avoid them when you can.

Instead of turning to them, you can look for plant-based medicine and maybe even some natural remedies. When you do need to take antibiotics, make sure you take probiotics with them. This will help your bowels and tummy heal faster and aid digestion. As well as trying to avoid antibiotics all-together, you shouldn’t start taking another just after you’ve finished one.


Though the battle against tummy aches and bad health may seem long and futile, with the right tips, you can gain the upper hand. Your metabolism is a very important part of your body’s clockwork, and without taking care of it, the whole system can easily fall apart. To live a happy and healthy life, you’ll need to devote a lot of attention to helping the hero your body needs and deserves.