Czexpats in Science

The society Czexpats in Science unites Czech scientists who live(d) and work(ed) abroad. We aim to:

  • create a network of Czech scientist abroad and connect them to scientists and research institutions in the Czech Republic,
  • help scientists working abroad in navigating the Czech scientific environment and developing a career in the Czech Republic,
  • empower Czech scientists who live and work abroad to influence and inspire Czech science,
  • support mobility of Czech scientists by sharing information and experience.

To these ends we develop various projects, with the Christmas conference as our flagship project. The 2019 event will take place on December 21st in the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics in Prague (CIIRC ČVUT). The registration is open to anyone interested. Among other activities, we organize workshops on how to secure a PhD or a postdoctoral research position abroad. We also developed a map of Czexpats in science (Czech scientists abroad), currently containing more than 280 scientists in nearly 40 countries.

But there is more! If you are further interested in our activities, contact us. We are also on Twitter (@czexpats) and Facebook (@CzexpatsInScience). You can also download our PR materials here.